Interlock vs Interleague

Northern Alberta Interlock Committee is comprised of four leagues with two (2) representatives from each league. Each league will select its own representatives, and each representative has one (1) vote. 

2016-2017 Northern Alberta Interlock Committee Members:

1660 Hockey League


Randy Mak- Chair

Dody Kluttig - Recording Secretary

North Central Minor Hockey Association (NCMHA)

Stephen Holt

Ryan Koehli

North Eastern Alberta Hockey League (NEAHL)

Randy Martin

Kevin Gallaway

Sturgeon Pembina Hockey League


Brad Sakowich

Stacy Crossland


Nick Taylor - Scheduler


The Northern Alberta Interlock League was started to with the intent of reducing travel, creating consistency in regulations, and standardizing tiering  we can promote goals common within this committee and aid Hockey Alberta in growth, retention and a "Player First" approach to all aspects of the game, which is in the best interests of all minor hockey players in Alberta, regardless of the location of their home league or geographical location in Alberta.  

The Northern Alberta Interlock League is comprised of the 1660 Hockey League, North Central Minor Hockey Association, North Eastern Alberta Hockey League, and the Sturgeon Pembina Hockey League and we believe that with closer cooperation our goals will be accomplished.  

Over the 2015-2016 Hockey Season, 1660 Hockey League's President, Randy Mak had started conversations about working together to create an interlock. As of March 2016, discussions began amongst certain parties within these leagues following a series of events that included changing league boundaries in Southern and Central Alberta, an inadequate number of teams for competitive play in most leagues, and goals to reduce travel. 

Trials with interlock play in various formats in recent years amongst member leagues include:

  • 2012-2013 Season:  1660 and NCMHA for Bantam Tier 1 and Midget Tier 1 Hockey
  • 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Season:  NCMHA and Sturgeon Pembina for Bantam Tier 1 and Midget Tier 1
  • 2015-2016 Season:  1660 and Sturgeon Pembina for Bantam Tier 1 and Midget Tier 1





 Tier 1 only PeeWee, Bantam, and Midget

A tier where participating teams in that tier have all league play, playoffs, and regulations under the Northern Alberta Interlock Model. Participating teams do not play within their home league.

  • All Interlock teams’ league games will be solely on the Northern Alberta Interlock (NAI) website.
  • Each division will have a league governor that will handle ALL of the league and game issues, following Hockey Alberta’s Regulations and discipline.  Teams are to direct all of their questions to that governor for the duration of the season.

NAI Governors

PeeWee Tier 1

Jason Kowal (1660)

780 818-6010

Bantam Tier 1

Tabi Arsenault (SPHL)

780 223-1044

Midget Tier 1

Julie Feragen (NCMHA)

403 357-8346

Please refer to the Managers Guidelines on the NAI website for further instructions.



ALL Atom Tiers plus PeeWee, Bantam, and Midget Tier 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Games scheduled between teams from a league other than their home league.

  • All home league games will be located and compiled on your home league website.
  • SPHL and 1660 league games will be managed on the NAI website under the Interleague header.
  • All Interleague games will be located and compiled on the NAI website, under the Interlock header.
  • Managers will be sent login information for the NAI website.  
  • Managers will be responsible for inputting all player rosters and team staff to the NAI website PRIOR to your first game.
  • Managers will be expected to upload all game sheets and stats to the NAI website for all NAI games. Instructions on how to do so are located on the NAI website under ~Managers, ~Managers Guidelines.

All Interleague game changes will be completed on the NAI website by completing the Notice of Game Change form on the website, located under the manager's header.  Once completed the form will automatically be sent to your home league's governor/director for changes.

If an 
Incident Report was received during a game and a ruling has to be made in regards to an Interleague game, your home league governor will follow through with your league’s protocols. 
Game Changes - The manager who is requesting the game change is responsible for contacting (phone or e-mail) the opposing manager to see if a change is possible. Once both parties have agreed, the manager initiating the change fills out the Notice of Game Change form which is located on the NAI website under the Manager’s header.  Once the form is completed with both managers’ e-mail addresses and is submitted, it will be e-mailed to your NAI Interleague Game Change Contact.  Once the game change has been approved, they will change the date, time, and/or arena information on the NAI website and will forward the received e-mail to BOTH managers for confirmation.




For more information on the Northern Alberta Interlock, please refer to their website. 

Northen Alberta Interlock Basic Guidelines 



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